Do Your Best to “Shine”

By Del Duduit When Tim Tebow first heard about a “Jesus Prom,” he thought it was a cool idea. The Tim Tebow Foundation was about to turn five years old, and he wanted to do something special for the occasion. The executive director for his foundation knew about the “Jesus Prom” that was held each… Continue reading Do Your Best to “Shine”

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What is your Motivation?

By Del Duduit What motivates you to become better? For some, it might be carrying on a family tradition. It could mean you are the first in your household to achieve a major milestone. Others view fear as a motivating factor in life. No one wants to fail. Last year, my literary agent and friend,… Continue reading What is your Motivation?

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Wait for the “Dey” God has Planned

By Del Duduit Uncertainty. No one enjoys the feeling. But some of us experience it often. It refers to situations that are unknown – and can give birth to uneasy emotions about predictions of the future. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow – except God. We all have planners and make reservations for… Continue reading Wait for the “Dey” God has Planned

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My Resolutions for 2020

By Del Duduit Tomorrow is the day when people establish some unrealistic goals for the upcoming year. Instead of going to Walmart, men and women will shove themselves into an unfamiliar gymnasium in hopes of building that perfect and trimmed down body. Of course, they will do this after they watch all the college bowl… Continue reading My Resolutions for 2020

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Do You Have A Wonderful Life?

By Del Duduit This past Sunday, I witnessed the final scene in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life.  Spoiler alert for those few who have never taken the time to watch the 1948 Frank Capra classic, which includes one of my daughters-in-law, so you may want to ignore this post since I might give away… Continue reading Do You Have A Wonderful Life?

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In the Silence of the Night

By Del Duduit There is nothing more fulfilling than taking time on a cold winter’s night to sing Christmas carols to the elderly and those who are shut in. Angie and I, along with several members of the Rubyville Community Church, did that again last night. We’ve done it since I can remember, and it… Continue reading In the Silence of the Night

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What Did Mary Know?

By Del Duduit This weekend marked the official beginning of the Christmas season. And no, I’m not referring to Black Friday. That’s a day set aside by retailers as a real life pay-per-view boxing match. I avoid that day and stay hunkered down and nearly unconscious from my food-induced coma. But what I mean is… Continue reading What Did Mary Know?