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What Did Mary Know?

(A repeat from last year -- one of my favorites) By Del Duduit The Christmas season has officially started. And no, I’m not referring to Black Friday. That’s a day set aside by retailers as a real life pay-per-view boxing match. I avoid that day and stay hunkered down and nearly unconscious from my food-induced… Continue reading What Did Mary Know?

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Waiting for Food

By Del Duduit Today’s society wants everything NOW. Instant gratification. The need people have for information at their fingertips has destroyed the newspaper industry. Who wants to wait until tomorrow for “old news?” This is just an example. I could give you tons more. I have been in professional sales most of my work life.… Continue reading Waiting for Food

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The Words Would Not Come Out

By Del Duduit Over the next few weeks and blogs, I will switch gears and discuss overcoming obstacles. We all have experienced them, some bigger than others. They can range from a lost job, to a relationship gone south to health issues. Challenges can be personal, or at least taken that way. For example, I… Continue reading The Words Would Not Come Out