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Protecting the Heartbeat

By Del Duduit Baboom. Baboom. The human heartbeat. The first sign of life. It’s a two-part pumping action that takes about a second. I won’t get into the technicalities of how the heart works, but a heartbeat indicates existence. The detection of a beating heart means blood is flowing through veins. It means wiggles and… Continue reading Protecting the Heartbeat

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At What Cost?

By Del Duduit I may lose some followers after this post, but it’s okay. It’s my blog. This will not be inspirational but rather a look into a Biblical issue that has become both social and political. I can understand why some people have differences of opinions. This is what makes this world unique and… Continue reading At What Cost?

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What a ‘Night to Shine’

By Del Duduit The last few weeks have been contentious to say the least. Every time I turn on the television, I hear about crime, murder, riots, attacks, and our nation’s political scene has become very ugly. I wrote an opinion piece for my local newspaper last week and received several hateful and rude comments… Continue reading What a ‘Night to Shine’


The Restoration Process

By Del Duduit A few months ago, Angie and I traveled to Seattle, Washington for a couple days before we met her family for a cruise through Alaska. We went to the Emerald City to be alone before we spent nine days with a bunch of fun people (wink.) Seattle was a cool and vibrant… Continue reading The Restoration Process

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What’s Inside Dugout Devotions?

By Del Duduit In a few short weeks, my book, Dugout Devotions: Inspirational Hits from MLB’s Best, will launch. I love working with New Hope Publishers out of Alabama. My personal goal is to make them Buckeye fans some day. The book becomes available on Amazon on February 25, and I’m planning a big shindig… Continue reading What’s Inside Dugout Devotions?