She Enjoys Golf Again

(WARNING: This post deals with the sensitive issue of sexual abuse.) By Del Duduit I have the classic love/hate relationship with the game of golf. The love part comes from the deepest confines of my imagination where I visualize myself hitting each shot perfectly. That combined with a crisp spring morning, an early tee time… Continue reading She Enjoys Golf Again

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New York Style Pizza, A Wedding and Two Kidney Stones

By Del Duduit I don’t know how I shoved life into the 31 days of May. The past month was a blur. It held all kinds of events, emotions, and circumstances, and it wore me out. But all is good. Let’s recap: The first weekend in May, Angie and I went to Michigan. She attended… Continue reading New York Style Pizza, A Wedding and Two Kidney Stones

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Did God See That Coming?

By Del Duduit Over the past 18 months of blogging, I have tried to post some inspirational stories about everyday people who face problems head-on with the help of the God. I recall the one about Braxton, who the Lord brought back to life after the little boy drowned in the family pool. I also… Continue reading Did God See That Coming?

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Godspeed this weekend!

By Del Duduit I’m thrilled to have plans to attend the 102nd running of the Indianapolis 500 this weekend. Although I don’t follow racing as much as other sports, this event is one of the most exciting you will ever attend. The pageantry leading up to the race combined with nearly one million people makes… Continue reading Godspeed this weekend!

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This Was No Coincidence

By Del Duduit You never know what impact your generosity or interest will have on a person’s life. That is why you must, in all circumstances, do your best to leave a positive influence on people you meet. You may encounter someone once in your life, or have an opportunity to develop a relationship with… Continue reading This Was No Coincidence

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Be Careful Little Eyes

By Del Duduit Social media is supposed to be a good thing—right? After all, people share their recent meals or haircuts—or yes, even pictures of their favorite pets. Who doesn’t enjoy a gazillion photos of Whiskers or Rosco? I can post a meaningful blog about a life-changing experience, and it might render 11 likes. But… Continue reading Be Careful Little Eyes

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God can Change Your “Tude”

By Del Duduit SAN ANTONIO -- The “tude” can make the difference. Adrian Branch is perhaps the most positive person I’ve ever been around. He oozes excitement, and his attitude is contagious. But he wasn’t always this way. I sat in on the Athletes in Action Coach’s Forum recently at the Final Four Weekend in… Continue reading God can Change Your “Tude”

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“Remember Your Alamo”

By Del Duduit A few weeks ago I was in San Antonio to cover the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four for Athletes in Action. On Friday of the weekend, I had about an hour to spare, so I ventured down the Riverwalk and made my way to the Alamo, which was only a couple of… Continue reading “Remember Your Alamo”

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“This is Jim Tressel, How Can I Help You?”

By Del Duduit Well, it’s here. What started out in a burger joint in Cincinnati near Great American Ball Park is now a reality. My first book, Buckeye Believer; 40 Days of Devotions for The Ohio State Faithful, will be officially launched April 21. The devotional, based on memorable moments in OSU football history, may be… Continue reading “This is Jim Tressel, How Can I Help You?”