Having Impossible Faith


Dee Dee had already battled ovarian cancer twice. Now it was back, and she was tired. Should she trust God for her healing?

When Lois’s husband passed away from a rare disease, she was left with no income and was totally dependent on God. Would her faith hold during bleak times?

Billy’s doctor told him to put his affairs in order because he only had four months to live. What choices did he make?

Could your faith help you to endure these trials? Could your faith inspire an entire community to trust God like never before? Could you claim God’s promises with no evidence in front of you?

Having Impossible Faith tells the remarkable true stories of how Dee Dee, Lois and Billy each faced fear and doubt and put their complete trust in God.

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When I read this book, I cried. Very seldom do you hear of a person so loved and so full of life.  I wish I had known Dee Dee, and the others in this book. Dee Dee was described as a modern-day Bible warrior.

My heart was so blessed by her unending faith and love for the Lord. Her story will continue to change lives for the Kingdom of God.

I was also inspired by Lois and Billy, who showed true faith in the storm. We need more people like these three who full trust God no matter what.

 — Karen Peck (Nationally known Southern Gospel artist)


Mark Baer2To the hundreds of people who heard her stories, the life of Lois was no less life challenging like the biblical stories of those listed in the Hall of Fame of faith in Hebrews chapter 11. We knew Lois as a saint of God who sang, shouted, and testified in church no matter what she faced. The same applies for Dee Dee and Billy — true warriors of faith who never backed down from a challenge. As you read this book, you should see the need to adjust your prayer life and even your attitude. These stories are all true. I hope you will be encouraged to live the life of faith that will shine in your life just like it did for my friends, Lois Dee Dee, and Billy.

— Mark Baer, Preacher and Evangelist