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You too can lead O-H-I-O

By Del Duduit

If you have ever attended an Ohio State Buckeye football game, this might resonate with you. If you have seen it on television, it could mean something as well.

The Ohio State University Marching Band opens each home game at the historic Horseshoe with one of the most iconic traditions in college sports.

I am talking about the writing of Script Ohio by all 192 members of the band.

Script Ohio in its glory at The Horseshoe in Columbus.

This fascinating event brings excitement to the crowd and prepares them to cheer on the Buckeyes.

There is nothing quite like it when the band pours out of the tunnel onto the field.

The first-ever Script Ohio was ironically performed by OSU’s biggest rival. The University of Michigan’s band stomped out Ohio during a game in 1932, according to records at the OSU archives.

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The first one performed by Ohio State was during a game against Indiana in 1936. At the time, there were about 120 members of the band.

Today it is a heralded tradition that culminates with the ultimate honor bestowed on a senior sousaphone player – AKA tuba player.

Dotting the ‘I” in Ohio.

When the lone senior high steps his way to “dot the I” in Ohio, the crowd goes crazy in support of the timeless masterpiece.

In order to execute the entire Script Ohio, the whole band must follow one person – the Drum Major.

This leader is decked out in a stylish uniform and carries a huge baton. If he gets out of step, then the whole thing becomes a mess. To my knowledge, that has never happened. That is why they practice.

The Script Ohio is a thrilling spectacle that sends chills down the backs of those who observe the performance.

“When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7

Are you a follower or a leader? The world needs both. But God wants you to be an innovator. Your calling might be to set a high moral and Biblical standard in your home.

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You might find yourself in a situation at work where you feel the need to take charge of a project. Or maybe you want to strengthen your relationship with your children. Kids today need leadership. They want to find a person to look up to spiritually who will be a beacon to them. Leading is not easy and at times can be lonely. But the rewards can be overwhelming when you see the end results — just like Script Ohio. Step up and assume your role. Demonstrate why you can be the one who leads a home or manages a project. Confidence and humility must go hand in hand. But it takes time to perfect.

The Drum Major leading the way.

Every man wants to be a leader and is born with this deep desire. Some take it for granted while others may abuse the opportunity. In order to be an effective leader, you must carry a large baton too, just like the Drum Major does for the Buckeyes. In this case, it’s the Word of God. Follow these suggestions, and your family band will be right behind you, step by step. The same will apply for a single mother who strives alone at times.

  • Go to church as a family. You are the parent and if there is any dissension, take control of the situation and enforce the rules. When a family goes to the House of the Lord together, it brings everyone closer.
  • Pray together. Let your children know you love them by saying a family prayer. Hold hands and call out their names to the Lord.
  • Treat your spouse with respect. When your kids see you treat mom or dad with respect and love, it will bring about admiration.
  • Get involved with church or school activities. Don’t play favorites and always include everyone. Follow rules, show sportsmanship and honor the U.S. flag.
  • Show sacrifice. When your children see you give more of yourself than you take, it will resonate and you will reap rewards later.
The first-ever Script Ohio performed by the University of Michigan band.

Being a leader doesn’t require you to scream and shout orders. There might be a time or two when you must be stern and enforce rules such as curfews or adjust an attitude. Be strong and above all, let the love of God shine through you. A successful leader knows when to pull and when to push. You too can have a wonderful tradition like Script Ohio in your home. Let them see you spell out C-H-R-I-S-T in your daily walk.

“Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth with diligence; he that sheweth mercy with cheerfulness.” Romans 12:8

Are you amazed at how the OSU band works together as one unit to achieve success? Do you want to be the leader in your family? How do you step up your game? Now is the time. Pick up your baton and march!


10 thoughts on “You too can lead O-H-I-O”

  1. Hi Del, what a great analogy on how vital effective leading is in our Christian walk. “You too can have a wonderful tradition like Script Ohio in your home. Let them see you spell out C-H-R-I-S-T in your daily walk.” I loved this statement and just like Script Ohio and as you put so well, this happens day by day, little by little until a spectacular outcome is seen by all. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. Del,
    I always enjoy your articles, but this one is my favorite so far! The world needs godly male role models and leaders. A father who is submissive to the leadership of Christ is the most influential leader there is (in my eyes).
    Thanks for “spelling out” a few bullet points to lend some guidance for godly leadership in the home and in all relationships.
    God bless!

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  3. This takes so much discipline and practice. If you’re not, or never have been, in marching band, you have no idea how many hours it took for the band members to be shown where to go on the field for each step, how many steps they have to take to get to that next position, learn the song (memorized) and where you should be during the song as you form each picture. It’s hours of boring work but so worth it in the end. My senior year of high school we formed a heart out on the field. Everyone formed it around ME! I was the point of the heart so if I wasn’t where I should be then as you said, it fell apart. The shape wouldn’t be right. The drum major was marching in the middle of the heart with a flaming baton. He would throw it into the air and “hopefully” catch it. But several times he didn’t and I would start to back up. Well, as I backed up everyone else either did, or, didn’t, depending on if they realized I was not staying put. LOL! I’ve never forgotten that. I have, however, forgotten what song we were playing during that shape. Well, it was 30’ish years ago… Although I do remember when we did a 007 to that theme song. Thanks for the memories. Marching band was a special/favorite time in my life. I also enjoyed how you incorporated the discipline of it to being a leader in our homes. 🙂

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