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And God Created Food!

By Del Duduit

The Word of God and food means so much to Pastor Sam Peters he combined them into a wonderful and yummy ministry.

Me and Sam at The Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School in Wheelersburg.

Angie and I, along with her sister Cindy and husband Kevin were treated to a fantastic meal with a blessed message last week.

We all attended the Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School in Wheelersburg, Ohio and left with a belly full of spectacular food and a new outlook.

The Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School is a complete dining experience led by Chef and Pastor Sam. He and his wife Joyce offer a variety of classes for both public and private audiences.

The demonstration classes teach the attendees how to cook a wide range of meals regardless of expertise in the kitchen.

The whole gang (from left) Kevin, Joyce, Sam, Cindy and Angie at The Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School.

I believe many can agree with the suggestion social media has become a stumbling block when it comes to dinner-time conversations. People appear to stare at their iPhones more than they look at each other.

There have been times we have noticed couples on their social media pages while they sat across from each other at a restaurant. We have done this before too. But no more. The time we have together is more valuable than the new iPhone 8 I just purchased.

“I prepare for each cooking class the same way I prepare for a sermon.” 

Sam Peters

Social media has stolen the old-style and effective method of live discussions. Children lack communication skills and have butchered the art of grammar and punctuation.

Sam preparing an amazing appetizer.

The choice to text instead of talk has become king while young adults struggle when it comes to a professional interview.

Sam and Joyce pointed out when people gather together and enjoy a good meal and a healthy discussion, the REAL definition of social becomes apparent.

“Playing on your phone is not social,” he said and spread his arms and pointed to everyone. “This is social.”

Sam and Joyce love to cook – anything, while he is partial to Cajun and Greek. Together, they make a perfect team and minister the Gospel of Good Taste to their customers. This is their ministry, even though Sam is also a pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in South Webster.

Voila’ — Queso Con Chorizo with Roasted Poblano Peppers.

“Many great stories in the Bible center around food,” he said. “Having a nice dinner with friends and family is the best way to build a stronger relationship.”

There is the account in Scripture of when Jesus went home with Zacchaeus for dinner. We also read about how the Lord went to eat at the home of Simon the Leper and a woman anointed his head with costly ointment from the alabaster box.

Sam also jokes about the four men mentioned in Luke 5 who lowered their crippled friend through the housetop roof to receive healing from Jesus. “They invented the first drive-thru window,” he said with a laugh.

Then there was the Last Supper, a feast of enormous significance.

Sam prepares the main entree’ of Chipotle Carnitas with Tequila Lime Rice and Mango Salsa.

“I prepare for each cooking class the same way I prepare a sermon,” he told me. “I define my main point, which is also my entrée. And I teach from that point. I want to make sure people’s lives have been touched and challenged when they leave.”

Sam and Joyce encourage others to eat well, and they describe in great detail how they prepare the meal in front of us. They provide tips and invite people to visit their website which has all the recipes.

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Sam has a love and passion to cook and be a servant. He has found a Godly way to teach and cook at the same time. He held us captive as he prepared our meal and engaged us in delightful conversation.

Sam in full discussion. The meal can be seen in the mirrors above his head.

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” I Corinthians 10:31

The experience we had at the Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School was five-star without a doubt. Sam and Joyce possess a unique gift to spread the good news of Christ through meals.

Food is a gift, Sam said. “There are many farmers who worked hard to get their product to you,” he added. “And many people just slop stuff out and yell ‘come and get it.’”

Not Sam. He adores food and gives it the first-class treatment it deserves.

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The entree’ — Chipotle Carnitas with Tequila Lime Rice and Mango Salsa!

“The Lord has given us this wonderful gift of food, and I find the best ways to prepare it,” he said. “He has given us such wonderful spices for flavor and so many varieties I am amazed.”

 “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.” Genesis 9:3

I admit I never looked at food the way Sam does until now. I highly recommend you visit The Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School. You will have a high-class meal, learn different methods of preparation and be exposed to a wonderful spiritual message for dessert. You will leave full and blessed in body and soul, while your wallet will not be crucified.

Me and Angie with Sam and Joyce after one of the best meals EVER!

Visit the Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School website here.

Finally, I know Sam is being used of the Lord because he is set to open a new coffee shop soon — HALLELUJAH!!

Joyce said they will keep your own personal mug and wash it for you daily. If it’s anything like the meals at the school, I can’t wait for it to open. Count me in as a regular and set aside a black and tan mug for me.

You should plan to attend the cooking school. Pastor Sam will make you a wonderful meal and share the Gospel of Good Taste with you. Wil you hear the message? Will you take his suggestions? The evening just might leave a positive impact on you forever.

Does food bless you in a spiritual way? Do you view food as a gift from God? Let me know your thoughts on this post.

4 thoughts on “And God Created Food!”

  1. What a delicious ministry to have. Wonderful post to make others aware of this cooking school and to have them consider food from a biblical viewpoint. Of course eating food is biblical. Why Jesus is the Bread of Life! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Del, Great post! It made me hungry.
    No phones at the table. Or at the very least, they should be silenced and set aside.
    I love this idea of using food to share the Gospel. And guess what? It’s a biblical concept. Jesus did it and so should we!

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