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Let’s go to Tokyo

By Del Duduit


It’s the chance to do something unique and productive.

The old saying goes that opportunity might knock only once.

The shoe-shine crew.

In my case, this is true.

I have a gigantic opportunity to do something that’s been on my bucket list.

I posted a couple of years ago in a blog that I had always wanted to go on a mission trip. Nothing ever jumped out at me, but I still possessed the deep desire.

I know several people who have gone to Mexico or to a third world country to do work for God. A young lady in our church is in Africa for one year on a mission trip right now. I’m a little jealous of her.

Many other people from our church have gone on mission trips, and my wife went to Jamaica more than 30 years ago to sing with her family.

Shining shoes at the NTS Prom.

About three weeks ago, a friend I met through my sports writing ministry called me.

“Hey Del, we have an opening to go on our team to Tokyo on a mission trip to the Olympics,” he said.

Could this be for real? I thought.

A mission trip that has to do with everything I write about. Wow.

I never even thought about it. I had always envisioned myself digging ditches for well water in Nicaragua, like Brian Dozier did a few years ago. The former Minnesota Twin told me that the experience touched him more than those on the receiving end.

My opportunity is with the organization Lay Witnesses for Christ International. My role as I understand it will be to serve in an informational role since my background is in media and writing.

Angie shining shoes at the NTS Prom.

We love to help. And two weeks ago Angie and I volunteered our time again at the Night to Shine Prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. We went to serve and put smiles on the faces of some people with special needs. We did see a lot of grins, but our hearts were filled as well.

Some who I have told about my opportunity in Tokyo have scoffed at it because they think I’m just going there to watch athletes compete.

Not true at all. I have been assured, or warned, that the trip will be anything but luxurious or fun.

“We are going to have a spiritual impact on athletes,” my friend Stan Lovins II said. “We will have some laughs, but we will work. Period.”

Elbow grease at the NTS Prom.

This trip is the opportunity of a lifetime. However, I have to raise $5,000 in less than a month in order to make this trip possible.

The goal is lofty, and I don’t have much time. My wife and I have personally invested in this opportunity, and I’m very thankful to others who have already made a commitment.

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It’s humbling to ask for help – and it’s daunting to gather the resources I need to make this opportunity a reality.

This is a chance to invest in a project that will have an impact on athletes on the other side of the globe, at an event the entire world will watch.

What a trip. If I get to go, I will be there between 10-17 days as the schedule still needs to be worked out.

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountain, and have not charity, I am nothing. I Corinthians 13: 2 KJV

Why help?

  • It makes you feel good: That’s the same thing Tim Tebow told me about why he loves the Night to Shine.
  • It strengthens personal values: Gratitude is a wonderful characteristic and a powerful gift from the Lord.
  • It has a positive impact on others: When you help someone reach a goal and make a difference in lives, there is no price tag on what impact it can have.
  • It encourages others to do the same: If we all helped then circumstances might be different.

I am aware that there are many needs and worthy organizations that need funding. Angie and I support several causes that are near and dear to our hearts.  But for the first time in my life, I am asking for help.

Will you invest with me for this cause?

First, pray and seek God’s direction. If He puts it on your heart to contribute, here is how you can help me to make an impact on the lives of others:

Go to and click on the donate button. You will be directed to Paypal where you can enter any amount. Then be sure to put my name down in the note box to let them know you are supporting me. It’s that easy.

Thanks in advance to those who make a prayerful decision to be a part of this outreach by the Lay Witnesses for Christ International. God bless you for your generosity.

Del Duduit is an award-winning writer and author who lives in Lucasville, Ohio with his wife, Angie. They attend Rubyville Community Church. Follow his blog at and his Twitter @delduduit. He is represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s go to Tokyo”

  1. What an amazing opportunity! I can’t think of anyone better to go.
    Father God, open the doors of you favor over Del. Bring others who are compelled to give by you Spirit. We thank you in advance for the ways You are going to provide for Del to make this trip.
    In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN.


  2. Del, Committing to answering the call of missions is a big deal to God. You will be changed in the process. When He wants you to go, He will provide in amazing ways. Then once you go, He will open doors that will further amaze and change you. I’ve been out of the country 4 times on mission trips and each time, God uniquely funded them all from sources I would have never expected. I’m excited for your chance to go and can’t wait to hear how God will use you! ~Ben Cooper


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