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In Search of Charmin

By Del Duduit

This is eerie.

Within a week, we experienced a time change, Friday the 13th and a full moon?

And oh yes, the entire nation came to a screeching halt over the weekend due to the panic over the Coronavirus.

I feel like I played in a football game, but we know that’s not the case because every sporting event in the world has been called off.

Will empty stadiums be the norm?

I’ve been asked by several of my friends what I think of this unusual and bizarre phenomenon.

I don’t know. I’m not an expert — but I do have an opinion.

The only thing I know is that a crisis will normally unite Americans.

I remember what happened days after we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001.

Everyone got behind President Bush and supported our troops and displayed their flags in a patriotic stance.

We were told not to let the terrorists win and to continue to live our lives in a normal way.

But this is different. We have been told to hide.

If you make one trip to the grocery store, you will see what I’m talking about.

The media has the citizens of the United States scared beyond belief. They have induced panic so much that you cannot even find toilet paper with a search warrant.

Baby formula is nowhere to be found, and thriving cities have turned into ghost towns.

The fear of the virus has turned America into Armageddon.

A rare commodity — toilet paper.

It has unleashed the worst in people, and unmasked a diabolical scheme for the forces of evil to take over this world – or so it seems.

The virus targets the elderly and those with health concerns.

In Italy, the virus took the lives of about 400 people in one day. Victims over the age of 80 might be denied health care due to their age. The government may have to choose who lives and dies. It’s called euthanasia.

The Prime Minister of Canada announced that borders will be closed to non-citizens due to the pandemic. He’s being hailed a hero by the media – the same group that called President Trump a racist for ordering our southern borders closed several months ago.

You have all seen the comparison of the Coronavirus to the modern flu.

Influenza killed more than 52,000 people last year and about 10,000 so far in 2020. But my favorite Mexican restaurant was not closed during this time, and I could find Charmin whenever I wanted.

The Coronavirus is a serious health threat, but why is the world stopping now? Could it be because it’s an election year and the media and some political rivals hate who is in the Oval Office?

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Has the economy been so strong that the only way to achieve victory is to cause hysteria to encourage the stock market to crash?

Every sporting event has been canceled or postponed. People in San Francisco have been ordered to stay inside. We are experiencing communism-like decisions.

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Within a week, life as we know it has changed and we have no control. Our freedom is at risk.

Our normal way of life has ended, for now, and friends of mine could lose their business and livelihood because of the actions of some in power, who tell us it’s in our best interest.

Has the virus invited some to overstep their boundaries? I am an adult and can make decisions – or at least I used to be able to without the threat of being arrested.

I have several writing conferences and events to attend this summer, like many people. But recent news has put those plans in jeopardy.

I don’t know what lies ahead, but I am firm believer that God is in control. Do I worry? Of course, I do. It’s easy to say not to worry, but I don’t want my grandson to go without formula because people are desperate and have hoarded more than they need.

I feel bad for the high school athletes who will lose their chances to win a state title in their senior year. They will never get that back.

I am not a conspiracy theory guy, but the events of the past few weeks have made me stop and ponder.

Could people be this evil? Would someone in their right mind actually create such a devastating virus on purpose? What motives are behind this?

A friend pointed out to me recently that Bill Gates just stepped down from his position on the board of Microsoft. In a news article two years ago, Gates warned President Trump to be prepared for a pandemic. How did he know? What did he know? Who owns the patent on this virus?

Go watch the movie, Lara Croft, Tomb Raider where it deals with the secret society of the Illuminati. Does it exist? It’s definitely food for thought.

At the same time, we must evaluate our relationship with Christ and rely on His guidance in these times, times which we have never seen before.

The only good that might come out of this crisis is that families may be forced to converse more with each other, and our faith could receive a jolt. These are not bad outcomes.

Fear thou not; for I with thee: be not dismayed; for I thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. (Isaiah 41: 10 KJV)

All I know is that Toro Loco needs to open soon – I’m craving some fajitas.

Del Duduit is an award-winning writer and author who lives in Lucasville, Ohio with his wife, Angie. They attend Rubyville Community Church. Follow his blog at and his Twitter @delduduit. He is represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency.


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15 thoughts on “In Search of Charmin”

  1. Each morning brings troubling news about the coronavirus and it’s path. Even with all the bad news, we can wake each morning and know God is with us and He loves us. That brings me comfort.


  2. Another great post, Del. Yes, recent events does cause us to ponder. And may we ponder on God. He knows the secret plans of the wicked. He is still in control. We must put our hope in Him. This is an opportunity for “the church” to shine. Let’s be generous and look for ways to help others 😊

    Scott and I celebrate 30 years of marriage today hunkered down at home rather than in Italy. But this doesn’t change the love we have for each other or God who has blessed us abundantly.

    Praying during these turbulent times.


  3. I am so with you on these thoughts. Has anyone seen the movie ‘Contagion?’ These events are eerily in line with the plot of that movie, even down to the supposed point of the outbreak being a meat market in China. The economic impact of this hysteria is going to be huge and will fall most heavily on those living on the margins of the economy.

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  4. Am not fashioning my tinfoil hat yet sir, but I was in Inner Mongolia (Hohhot and Nei Menggu) when the SARS epidemic broke out. I remember noticing lots of folks wearing face masks, but no one would tell the “round eyes” anything. Of course, the city still had public wells for water and the restaurants through their leftover food into the street’s sewers (if you’ve never seen a carrot rising up out of a frozen slurry on the street’s sewer grate, you just haven’t lived). What I know is that this is a time for Christ’s church to shine His light into this darkened, frightened world. We shouldn’t be stupid and stop washing our hands or taking precautions, but we should not cower in a corner, trembling with fear. For one, we’re Americans not sheeple. For another, we’re Christians; let’s act like it. Find your kindness and compassion and make a difference in your little part of the world. Be careful, but not afraid. God’s blessings sir. As for the optics of the political side of this? Yessir; I can’t say with a certainty, but I bet if you go back and check on statistics from previous epidemics when others were in power, you would find far less media attention and alarm but a higher mortality rate.


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