The Restoration Process

By Del Duduit A few months ago, Angie and I traveled to Seattle, Washington for a couple days before we met her family for a cruise through Alaska. We went to the Emerald City to be alone before we spent nine days with a bunch of fun people (wink.) Seattle was a cool and vibrant… Continue reading The Restoration Process


The Dreaded Resolution

By Del Duduit This is the day when people establish some unrealistic goals for the upcoming year. Instead of going to Walmart, men and women will shove themselves into an unfamiliar gymnasium in hopes of building that perfect and fat-free body. Of course, they will do this after they watch all the bowl games and… Continue reading The Dreaded Resolution


She Enjoys Golf Again

(WARNING: This post deals with the sensitive issue of sexual abuse.) By Del Duduit I have the classic love/hate relationship with the game of golf. The love part comes from the deepest confines of my imagination where I visualize myself hitting each shot perfectly. That combined with a crisp spring morning, an early tee time… Continue reading She Enjoys Golf Again

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I am Thankful — Are you?

This blog will be a little different than ones I usually post. I enjoy writing about inspirational and ordinary people I meet along the way and convey their message of hope. For me, it's more than a hobby. But I want to take a few moments and reflect back on the year I have experienced with… Continue reading I am Thankful — Are you?