Do Your Best to “Shine”

By Del Duduit When Tim Tebow first heard about a “Jesus Prom,” he thought it was a cool idea. The Tim Tebow Foundation was about to turn five years old, and he wanted to do something special for the occasion. The executive director for his foundation knew about the “Jesus Prom” that was held each… Continue reading Do Your Best to “Shine”

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How do you spend time?

By Del Duduit Time. Compared to the riches of the world like fancy cars, enormous mansions and gadgets that will do practically anything desired with a few spoken words, time is the most precious, and wasted, of all commodities. You cannot replace it like a new sofa or a computer. Once the moment has passed,… Continue reading How do you spend time?

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What a ‘Night to Shine’

By Del Duduit The last few weeks have been contentious to say the least. Every time I turn on the television, I hear about crime, murder, riots, attacks, and our nation’s political scene has become very ugly. I wrote an opinion piece for my local newspaper last week and received several hateful and rude comments… Continue reading What a ‘Night to Shine’

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A Night to Shine for Special Needs

By Del Duduit Everyone should have a special day just for them. For some, it might be a birthday or an anniversary. Mothers and fathers have a block on the calendar where they should be pampered by their children and grandchildren. Presidents have a day of observance, and our veterans need to be honored every… Continue reading A Night to Shine for Special Needs