Lose with dignity

This is going to be a hard blog to write without committing plagiarism.

I have my own opinion, but on this topic, I have the same opinion with 2,193,456 other sensible and conservative Americans.

The fact is that most liberals are the epitome of intolerance. They shout to the top of their hate-filled hearts to be tolerant of their views, but they seldom live by their lousy example. They want tolerance as long as you agree with them,

Case in point: Nearly two weeks after Republican Donald Tump was elected – fairly – to be the next President of the United States, liberals still believe they have a right to shove their widely defeated agenda down our throats.

Vice President Elect Mike Pence was booed by “tolerant” liberals while he went into a theatre in New York City to watch the musical “Hamilton.” He was then lectured by actor Brandon Victor Dixon after the show on stage in front of the audience. He told the Vice President Elect that he is alarmed that the new administration will not protect what he called a diverse America and hopes that the performance will inspire him to uphold their American values – meaning the gay and lesbian community. Now, Dixon has every right to express his opinion. But common sense and acting like a gentleman has to come into play somewhere.

Like a typical liberal, the cast of the show had to confront Mr. Pence in a hostile environment because most of them cannot sustain a calm and rational conversation one-on-one. They even stood arm-in-arm on the stage while Dixon rattled on about his rights.

Mr. Pence – who acted with a ton of class after the event — was at the show with his family to be entertained – not to be lectured and zeroed in on by a pack of sore losers. That was not the time or place for such childish and lousy behavior.

It’s time that liberals recognize that they lost the election and just shut up for a while. Remember when George H.W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton? Did conservatives throw fits and protest? No. Remember when John McCain lost to Obama? Did conservatives riot and pillage and burn city streets? No. Do you remember when Mitt Romney lost to Obama? Did conservatives threaten Jihad and act like babies? No. It’s obvious that conservatives learn from mistakes and rebound and come back. Liberals just can’t accept it when they lose. They feel they must protest and riot and lecture. They feel as if they must still get their way. Voting in the election, mind you, is the best form of protest ever invented. You have your say, and if the majority doesn’t’ feel the way you do, then move on and accept defeat. It’s called the democratic process – not a rubber stamp to get what you want.

So why can’t liberals accept losing? They never have and apparently never will. When ultra-liberal Al Gore lost to Republican George W. Bush, Gore went into hiding for a long time and basically went a bit haywire. He acted like a total brat and demanded a recount which ultimately gave Bush more votes in the end.  Gore looked like a complete nimrod. Thank God Bush got in there because he handled the attacks on 9/11/11 with guts and determination. Gore acted like a school yard baby when he lost – how would he have handled the attacks? I’m glad I never found out. And just two weeks ago, liberal diva Hilary Clinton was soundly defeated by Trump and wouldn’t even address her supporters who waited on an ill-advised celebration party for her for hours – which obviously never happened. She too, expected to win and could not accept defeat. The entitlement liberals have confiscated and brewed over the years, and it is hurting their party and their reputation. They teach that if they don’t get their way – then protest, riot, pillage and burn whichever city is closest to them. When I coached Little League, I taught my team how to lose without taking your ball and bat and storming home. I hope I taught them to congratulate the winner and work harder in practice to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I never taught them to lecture the other team or form a picket line in front of their dugout. Liberals preach tolerance; practice what you preach! My Little Leaguers acted better when they lost than liberals do today when they lose.

We are going to lose more in life than we win. Lose with dignity and win with humility.


2 thoughts on “Lose with dignity”

    1. Gotcha — thanks for your opinion. Trump did win the electoral college- that’s the American system and the best system in the world. Thanks for reading . 🇺🇸


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