Visit the Christmas Cave

When I was a younger man, I can remember going out to see Rudd’s Christmas Farm in Blue Creek, Ohio in Adams County. It was a surefire way to get into the Christmas spirit. There was no better way to get ready emotionally and spiritually than to see the true story of Christmas played out in lights on a hillside.

However, the display has not been in operation for several years since Mr. Rudd passed.

But now, we can all see it again at the White Gravel Mines just north of Minford.

So, after you have put up all of your Christmas lights and decorations this weekend and have survived Black Friday, and stuffed your belly with turkey, jump in the car and head to the Mines for the first running of the Christmas Cave.

The Christmas Cave is a self-guided tour that depicts the true story of Christmas with brilliant lights during your journey through the marvelous caves.

White Gravel Mines – owned by Tom and Mindy Martin of Wheelersburg – runs the production. I know several people have been working around the clock to get this ready for the first airing this weekend. The Mines are located at 4007 White Gravel McDaniel Road in Minford. Beginning Nov. 25, the Christmas Caves will be open from 4 until 10 p.m. every Friday and Saturday from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve. You may know where the mines are located if you have ever gone to The Cavern of Choices or participated in WGM’s Extreme Trail runs.

What a fantastic way to see the story of Christ’s birth and get into the spirit of the season as well. Once you get into the caves, you will be directed to bright and brilliant stars. These stars will guide you throughout your journey.

According to an article in the Portsmouth Daily Times, a star field will be projected up on the ceiling where people will see the constellations, along with other laser lights. There will be a teaching area that will explain each scene, which obviously begins in Bethlehem. From there, you will learn the real meaning of Christmas.

Tom views the display as a great teaching and educating tool, while at the same time gives God all the glory for the opportunity to tell the story.

This Friday is opening night, and it will honor the Rudd family. The evening will feature singing from the Rudd Family at 8 p.m.

I know Tom and Mindy, and I attend church with them.  They have put tons of work into this ministry. By all means, go see the Christmas Cave – it’s going to be better than getting run down and going broke on Black Friday.

If you want to know more, call 740-776-0510 or visit the White Gravel Mines Facebook page.

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