So why all the blogs?

You may be asking yourself why is Del writing all these blogs? Why doesn’t he stop?

Well, there is a reason – in fact there are a few.

The main reason is that I was advised by a friend of mine to begin blogging in order to help promote a book I just finished.

I will be starting – upon her suggestion — a Facebook page as well, related to my writing aspirations.

It will not be a personal Facebook page, because that’s just something I am not ready to do yet. I am aware that there are about only 67 people left in Ohio without a personal Facebook page.

Anyway, I am trying to establish a following, so when the book is released, I can let everyone know.

Another reason I did this was so that when publishers research me on this page, they will notice that I have a humble following. So, to those of you who have followed me – thank you.

It also helps me to keep my mind sharp and my writing skills from rusting.

The book I just finished – the first draft anyway – is one about faith, and how easy it should be to have.  But that’s not always the case. There are times and circumstances that might challenge your faith – trusting God is really the only way to deal with bad situations and rise above them. But it’s not always that easy. Even the strongest Christians might face a doubt or two during their lives.

This book deals with that and will look at two local women who had enormous and unyielding faith – most of the time. They too had their human moments, but as you will read in a few months, they leaned on God even when it didn’t appear that He was there. It might remind you at first of the classic poem by Mary Stevenson – Footprints in the Sand.

But it’s nothing like that at all.  It goes much deeper and looks at many personal examples of how many people dealt with faith during trying and challenging situations. I have asked a few friends to proof it for mistakes and flow and things like that. One person put a stickie note on chapter one and told me that she could not wait to read the rest of it, and she apologized if some of the pages were smeared because she kept crying when she read it again. I hope that’s a good sign.

I also hope it has that effect on everyone. I know I shed a lot of tears while researching and writing it.

A few people know who it’s about, and I’ll reveal that soon enough. Angie and I are getting ready to attend a Christian Writer’s Association Conference in North Carolina, and another in Florida to pitch it to publishers and make some contacts.

I will, however, tell you the title – for now. You see I have changed it three times. As of today, it’s called Having Impossible Faith.

I am thrilled to let you know that I have been able to obtain endorsements from two high profile names in the world of Christian music. I have also received one from a best-selling author and am anxiously awaiting two more possible endorsements from others who you may have heard of over the years.

So, please stay tuned. I am truly excited about this, and I hope it not only blesses someone, but I also hope that it might help to change a person’s life forever.




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