November was a great month

Christmas came early for me this year – in fact it came one month early. November 2016 was a fantastic month – and it’s not over yet. To start things off, Donald Trump won THE election and will be our 45th president. What a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

Although Jill Stein is trying to play the role of Scrooge and demanding a recount in some key states, that will not ruin my early Christmas month of November.

So, who is Green Party Candidate Jill Stein? She’s the one who got about 1,207,141 votes or a whopping one percent of the vote on election day a few weeks back. Stein is contesting results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – all states that Democrat challenger Hillary Clinton needed to win.

Naturally, Stein wants a recount because she might be able to rack up 287 more votes. Wrong.

That’s not the reason she’s doing it all. She’s doing it because she is obviously in cahoots with Clinton. And according to a statement from Clinton’s campaign lawyer Marc Elias in a story from NBC news, the campaign wants to make sure that a fair election took place. Yeah, right.

This comes from the same failed candidate who said she would go along with the results from the American people from Nov. 8.  I don’t believe she’s doing that at all. But what else do you expect from a liberal who loses? They all cry foul and demand recounts. They need to listen to the American people who told them – YOU LOST! GO HOME!

Then I got another gift in November. The No. 2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes football team pulled out a squeaker Saturday and knocked off No. 3 Michigan in double overtime.  It was a classic game that had many ups and downs. I have been to a few OSU/Michigan games, but this one was special.

And just like the election results, the loser had to place the blame on someone else. In this case, the officials were to blame. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh thought his team got homered. He repeatedly said the following phrase many times during the post-game press conference.

“I’m bitterly disappointed in the officiating,” he said. “I cannot make that more clear.” If you watched the game, both teams had many opportunities to score and Harbaugh was playing the role of whiner.

Were there blown calls? Probably. But I recall Michigan fumbling inside the OSU 10-yard line – not the ref’s fault. I recall the OSU kicker missing a chip-shot – not the ref’s fault either. It’s part of the game.

Sort of sounds like Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton, doesn’t it? When you lose, blame someone else. Anyway – Merry Christmas to me again. It was the second gift this month.

Then the news came out that longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro died at age 90 over the weekend. I watched all the news coverage of this event and how happy everyone was when he died. There was dancing in the streets of Little Havana in South Florida when people learned of the tyrant’s death.

One of my favorite authors and syndicated columnists, Ann Coulter said that November was truly a good month now, especially after Trump won too. I don’t wish for anyone to die, but in this case, good riddance to a suspected and alleged oppressor and killer and dictator.

So, looking back November was a pretty good month. Trump won, and so did the Buckeyes and apparently (according to news reports) so did the people of South Florida and Cuba.

Sweet November 2016 — I can’t wait until Christmas really gets here.




1 thought on “November was a great month”

  1. Let’s not forget how many democrats are now challenging the authenticity of the Electoral College. It is hilariously ironic that they, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, claim that the EC silences the voice of certain states, when all that they want is for radical left California and New York to dominate thanks to their populations and thus decide every election–both of which make up a nice chunk of the voting population. Keep in mind that HRC did not take the lead in the popular vote until the majority of California votes were counted. Something tells me that this, too, would not be a discussion had they gotten their way. You learn a lot about someone when they do not get their way. Recount, abolish the EC, accusations of voter fraud–it’s all music to my ears, as it just continually reminds me that they lost.


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