So what’s my book about?

I am nearing the completion of my new book, so I thought I would give a brief description of it thus far. I’m so excited, yet I’m nervous at the same time. It’s a very humbling experience.

The book – titled Having Impossible Faith – is about, you guessed it, faith.

Throughout a person’s life, if a Christian or not, one might have the occasion to question God as to why certain things happen. I’ve done it, and you have probably done it too.

I don’t believe there is really anything wrong with questioning God, unless it consumes you, and unless you never accept His answer. This book will try to deal with not necessarily “why” bad things happen to good people, but “how” good people deal with bad situations. And bad things will happen. No one is exempt from going through life’s storms.

It will look at two Christian women and how their handling of bad situations glorified God.

At times, they could easily have tossed in the towel and gave up on everything, including God. But they did not do that at all. In fact, they used and accepted what was happening as a way to lead others to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

I hope it will be inspiring when you read it, as I know it was inspiring to write. In fact, one lady who was proofreading the manuscript put a note on chapter one and said she apologized that some of the pages were smeared, but she couldn’t stop crying on them.

I hope she meant that in a good way.

I enjoyed researching the book, but I must admit that it was emotionally difficult at times because some of the memories were a little painful. I knew one of the women in the book very well, and I wished I had known the other one. God puts people in our lives for a reason, and we must take advantage of those opportunities. These two women took their circumstances – although not fair at all – and glorified God relentlessly. They trusted God for direction, and he provided a wonderful road map.

Both women’s unyielding faith and deep devotion to God remain a dramatic and positive influence on people’s lives unto this day. This heartwarming book will give the reader hope.

I plan on presenting this manuscript to some Christian publishers soon. I also plan to attend a couple of conferences for Christian writers with my wife.  Please pray for us as we go down this road together.

I am gearing up now to begin writing another book next week. This one will focus on a woman who has not only experienced real and touching miracles – but she is one herself. I’m thrilled about this one too. I feel that it will be an inspiring and touching story.

Please stay tuned, and sorry this blog was not as controversial as some of the previous ones. I had to tone it done some before the weekend. God bless.

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