Office Horujko had great GUN CONTROL

This is a few hours overdue, but I have to say what’s on my mind.

When the terrorist attack took place Monday morning on the campus of The Ohio State University, liberals were only concerned about one thing – GUN CONTROL.

They pounced on the opportunity before they even had the facts. Former VP candidate and U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine immediately took to Twitter. “Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning,” Kaine tweeted. After he learned the FACTS, he took that tweet down. But his true feelings were obvious. Blame the gun – always blame the gun for the violence. Soooo glad he lost!

Notice, he did not blame RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS for the cowardly act.

Kaine’s tweet was soon followed by other liberals with no clue as to what was going on – it was simply a time to blame guns. Liberals went hysterical and foamed at the mouth to blame guns.

“It sure would be presidential for Trump to use Twitter to condemn gun violence right about now. Which is exactly what is happening,” tweeted Anne T. Donahue.

“When we will have gun control,” tweeted Catherine Curtin. “My heart goes out to Columbus, Ohio.”

Reginald Watkins tweeted, “GET RID OF GUNS!!!!!”

Those tweets all appeared in an article by Kerry Picket of the Daily Caller.

Liberals ALWAYS blame guns for anything – even when a gun was not used by the RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST.

The RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST used a car and a butcher’s knife for the attack. Why didn’t Kaine come out against cars or knives?

Or even better – why didn’t Kaine come out and support OSU Officer Alan Horujko’s excellent and proper use of a gun to actually stop and kill the RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST? I can say that Officer Horujko demonstrated wonderful gun control.

He controlled his gun well enough to save innocent lives.

But I did not see those tweets come out by the same ones who blamed the gun for the violence – if they did, I missed them. But liberals usually don’t admit when they are wrong – they just either blame guns or demand recounts.

Even though the RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST was in fact a legal citizen, it doesn’t take away the fact that this country had opened its borders to thousands of possible terrorists to hide in the dark shadows of sanctuary cities. They know they are safe there because they know they have liberals to protect them – for now.

Let’s go Trump. Throw them out, and build that wall – and make sure that our Second Amendment rights stay strong. As long as I have a firearm, a hand, a finger and one good eye, I have all the gun control that I need.


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