Thank you Officer Horujko

This blog will be brief. Over the past few months, I have watched as our police officers have been made targets by thugs and criminals and vilified at times by the media.

There has been an ill-advised and demon-driven war against law enforcement, and it has been instigated by bigots and killers, and fed by the shake-down artists and the media.

However, when news broke today about the attacks on several people at The Ohio State University, I was tuned to my satellite radio. I live about 90 minutes south of OSU and know people who attend and work there.

As it played out, I was proud to hear that an OSU police officer was the one who protected innocent lives and ended the brief reign of terror.

It all happened when, according to WCMH, an NBC affiliate station, a man plowed his car into a group of pedestrians on campus and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. Within a minute, the suspect was shot to death by a police officer. Law enforcement now believe that terrorism was the motive.

In all, about 11 people were hurt, one critically.

According to WCMH, the attacker was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Somali-born legal permanent resident of the United States.

Within a minute of the attack, OSU police officer Alan Horujko was at the scene and shot and killed the suspect. Bravo, Officer Horujko!

Officer Horujkko is a hero. He is not a villain. Most cops (99.8%) are not villains. I’m sure that Officer Horujko did not get up this morning and plan on shooting and killing someone in the blink of an eye. But he did. He had to. I thank him for that. I thank him for carrying a gun and for being properly trained. His actions were a direct result of his training and mental toughness. Pray for him today because from what I’ve read and heard, his actions were justified and needed.

Like all cops, he should be respected and honored. Cops should never be targeted or ridiculed. They are not at war with anyone. They are our friends and protectors. They are the good guys.

I never like to hear about someone getting killed, but today in Columbus it was necessary. The officer did his job and protected innocent people. That’s what they do every day. Thank you to Officer Horujko, and God bless you!


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